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north sulawesi hiking mahawu volcano and minahasa highland trip

North sulawesi minahasa highland and climbing mahawu volcano on july 2018 guided one family from belgium ie family jochen and pia with 3 kids yacob,outo and ivo.

north sulawesi information tour.

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adventure sulawesi trip .

Joint adventure sulawesi trip with legal professional guide jotje lala from north sulawesi to the south sulawesi.
tour package .
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sulawesi information

Sulawesi information

responsible trip for sulawesi indonesia

Sulawesi responsible trip .

guide jotje lala is indonesian legal guide base north sulawesi  who lives in tomohon city the home of lokon volcano,mahawu volcano,tampusu volcano,tekaan telu waterfall ,linow volcano mud crater lake,traditional minahasa wooden house industry and near to destination on minahasa land,soputan volcano,tangkoko nature reserve,bunaken island,tumbak and bentenan island.
can guide around sulawesi nantu forest,lake poso, and other part of indonesia.
you cantact me if you need information or need me as

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north sulawesi adventure trip

Joint trip on north sulawesi with guide north sulawesi jotje lala.
link. www.lokonvolcanoguide.blogspot.com
link. www.adventureklabatmountain.blogspot.com
link. www.volcanoesadventureguide.blogspot.com

volcano adventure trip on north sulawesi .climbing the lokon volcano summit point ,soputan volcano summit,klabat mountain summit point,mahawu volcano summit point,tampusu volcano summit point.
and see the best of minahasa highland,bolaang mongondow land .organise rafting ,golfing,diving and paragliding on north sulawesi,wildlife trip tangkoko nature reserve and bogani warta bone national park.
if you like to the best on north sulawesi .just guide jotje lala
for your guide on the north sulawesi.
guide jotje lala is chairman of indonesian tourist guide association tomohon city.and vice chairman of indonesian tourist guide association north board
in conservation and environtment.
contact guide jotje lala via whatsapp or call
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joint adventure sulawesi trip

camping on the top of klabat mountain.
link. www.adventureklabatmountain.blogspot.com
link. www.soputanvolcanoguide.blogspot.com
joint adventure sulawesi trip with guide jotje lala.
camping on soputan volcano,klabat mountain explore the best of sulawesi from north sulawesi ,and south sulawesi.

climbing lokon volcano,soputan volcano,camping trip on the top of klabat mountain on north sulawesi and hiking trip for mahawu volcano,tampusu volcano and explore the best of minahasa highland with tondano lake,linow lake with all area of sulfatara around linow volcano caldera,nice waterfall,visit the village where making traditional minahasa wooden house industry,minahasa xilophone mucij from wood a,ricefield, and othe best of minahasa highland on north sulawesi
explore the rainforest ,tangkoko national park,bagani national park ,and nantu forest gorontalo for anoas and baby rusa on lovely island of sulawesi indonesia.visit, poso lake,toraja is also posible under guide by guide jotje lala

contact guide jotje lala
call and whatshapp +6281340310671
guide jotje lala is legal guide indonesia base on the north sulawesi indonesia
chairman of indonesian tourist guide association tomohon city and vice chairman of indonesian tourist guide assocition north sulawersi board.

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adventure sulawesi tour

Adventure sulawesi tour start from north sulawesi to south sulawesi.
visit tambun the conservation of maleo birds and stay in ranger house,

information sulawesi tour.